A solution to problematic ducted ventilation systems.

With a removable centre, the in-Vent System is easy to clean and is manufactured with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents to keep your vent cleaner and healthier for longer.


Removing a rusted out grille

The Ventmen are the only company in Australia that offer a nationwide, affordable, high quality solution to unsightly, unhygienic and problematic bathroom and laundry ventilation systems. Recognising the need for a solution to corroded, blocked and bacterial laden ducted ventilation systems in hotels, highrise and resorts. 

The Ventmen designed and manufactured the In-Vent System. The 100% Australian made In-Vent System is a unique and innovative product that provides a like-for-like vent replacement solution, resulting in efficient exhaust ventilation, minimal dust/bacterial build up, reduced cleaning times, improved energy efficiency and easier maintenance.

A removable centre cover allows for simplified cleaning and maintenance, and comes with a 10 year  guarantee.  Manufactured with corrosion free, durable ABS plastic, injected with industry leading UV stabilisers, anti mould and anti bacterial agents, the In-Vent System provides a long-term, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing solution to a potentially serious health hazard.

Vent replacement with the In-Vent System requires no painting or patching during installation and can be carried out with minimal interruption to hotel, resort, apartment, commercial or health services. There is no minimum order required and a full vent cleaning service is offered as standard. The In-Vent System is designed to instantly resolve the headache of blocked and hard to clean dirty vents that are a ticking time-bomb in terms of poor air quality, allergies and sick building syndrome.

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