If you see dust or notice more steam than usual on the bathroom mirror the In-vent system is long overdue a clean. Having a functional and clean vent in the bathroom is vital for airflow and ventilation. We recommend you clean your bathroom ceiling or wall vent at least every 6 months.

Step 1: Simply remove the cover. Pull the cover down gently and it will easily unclip.
Step 2: Wash the cover in the sink with soapy warm water and wipe dry.
Step 3: Using a brush and vacuum cleaner to remove all visible debris from the open duct.
Step 4: Using a clean damp cloth wipe the fixed In-Vent system frame. 
Step 5: Replace the cover. Line up two of the locating pins into the two holes then gently push all four locating pins together and the cover will clip into place.

We recommend the In-Vent System is removed and a deeper duct clean is completed every 2 – 3 years by The Ventmen.

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